Feb. 24th, 2016

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[Councilman Palpatine's voice is a familiar enough one. Like some old timers, he has a penchant for using the voice function of the Warp Band; video is still quite new to him. However, he sounds relaxed today. Even a little grandfatherly.]

Good evening, people of Union. I hope that this finds you well. I know the last few weeks have been trying. The tragedy that befell our city was felt by everyone, and all of our lives were touched by it... and, I think, by the aid so generously brought by our allies.

[Enough of that.]

I'm hoping to submit several proposals to the Council for the rebuilding of the city. One concern that we should consider is defense -- how to prevent attacks like that, and, should one occur again, reduce the loss of life.

I thought I should ask all of you what sorts of defenses you might see. Shelters and evacuation routes seem necessary, first and foremost, I think.
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[It's a video! Rose appears on the screen, wearing her blue shirt, white jacket, and looking generally professional and... merchant-like. She grins, and then she holds something up: a silver platter, with a lid covering it.]

Hi everyone! The Spearowfeathers have decided to start carrying something to be a little pick-me-up for the people of Union. We're proud to introduce...

[She removes the lid, and underneath is a steamed bun. Little tendrils of steam rise up from it.]

...the Mabo Curry Bun! It's a spicy Calderan dish, but it's held inside of a delicious steamed bun. It's hot, it's tasty, and it'll get you going! For the next two weeks, we're giving them away for free for lunch at our stand!

It'll help everyone keep their strength up for rebuilding.

But, after that, we'll start charging! Four dollars a bun. So come try some! It's free food. You can't go wrong with free food?

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