Feb. 23rd, 2016

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After the attack by the Elite Four, Union’s council has grown considerably warier. Immigration, while still pretty constant, has slowed a bit as more checks have been put in place. The council hasn’t made any major announcements, but they have been deliberating for long hours.

Finally, word comes. In order to properly secure Union, it is imperative that they understand what is out there. They are sending people in three directions, first, to Gigas on a diplomatic mission to negotiate a cease-fire. Second, to Refuge, where word of some ancient ruins and technology has reached Union and their assistance has been requested. And finally, to Glacier, to walk the tundra and see signs of the Elite Four troops and ensure that they have properly withdrawn.

As always, the forces will be volunteer. Diplomats are requested for the Gigas mission, and in all other cases explorers are highly valued.

[OOC: Sign-ups for the next event are open! As before, we’ll be randomizing the core groups but you may request to be paired with one specific other character]
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[Sinbad has outside of some visits with friends, and checking on people that had been using his business as a temporary home during reconstruction had been lying in bed for the past few weeks, due to the large and cumbersome nature of having a nearly seven foot long tail in a cast, despite the doctor's best efforts.

The itching was the worst. He supposes it gave him more time to write and to his annoyance, get his business books balanced, but he was bored! And a major case of cabin fever. So he turns on his warp band again]

Hey guys! I'm... still stuck here, but good news, I'm suppose to get this stupid cast off tomorrow! Bad news is, my writing hand's all cramped up and I'm bored! Got any idea of what I can do?


[Meanwhile, while Sinbad's talking, Furfur, Focalor, and Valefor decided to take it on themselves to get their human's stories spread out, and sneaked out with the manuscripts, only for the wind to blow the pages out of their grasp, sending it flying all over town. Hopefully anyone who recognizes themselves in the description wouldn't be too mad about the little embellishments the teenager added to the events.

Or maybe just be nice and help these pokemon gather up the loose pages]

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