Feb. 17th, 2016


Feb. 17th, 2016 07:42 pm
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[Amidst all the people pouring in to aid in Union's reconstruction, one more newcomer is pretty easy to overlook. So, Suika's entry into Union goes pretty smoothly. The next day is where things get fun.

First step, when she arrives as the sun is setting, is to find anyone who's having a good time and join in. This eventually leads to step two, getting into Teeter's, which takes some doing given her appearance but is far from impossible. Being in Teeter's quickly leads to step three, getting into her first meeting with the Swords for reasons pertaining to bar brawling. The rest is a blur.

Whatever happened from there, it ends the next morning (ish) with Suika at the front doors of Swords of the Savior headquarters, or at least the first Swords-related building she can find.]

It's me, the person from the bar! I'm here to talk to your strongest fighter, so who's that?

[[Accepting threads at any part of this adventure - entering the city, extreme Teeter's revelry, getting harassed by the Swords, harassing the Swords the following day.]]

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