Feb. 13th, 2016

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[With Union in its current state one might not expect to hear the sound of music filling the air, but those stepping into a certain corner of the devastated city will be met with the gentle strumming of a guitar and a voice that any regular listener of the radio should find quite familiar. Following it to its source will reveal a young girl sitting with her legs crossed on a relatively unspoiled patch of land. This girl is none other than the renowned singer, Sonia Strumm.

As is to be expected, Sonia's work has been put on hold because of the heavy damage the entertainment district suffered in the attack. She's supposed to be staying at home where it's more or less safe in the meantime, but honestly, nuts to that. Union is her home; she'd much rather see its wounds with her own eyes than stick her head in the sand until everything is all better.

That said, it's certainly not an easy thing to take in. She had been too occupied with seeking shelter (at her manager's insistence, of course) to really process the destruction as it was happening. To see the crumbling towers, the rubble littering the streets, the remains of the fallen still being recovered from the wreckage? It's been a sobering experience, to say the least.

Which brings us back to the present, where Sonia has decided to take a break, and almost without thinking begun to fill the gap with music. There are no lyrics to her song, but the melody alone — slow and melancholic, yet with an underlying warmth — makes its meaning clear. An audience of wild Pokémon has formed around her, and the Swablu perched atop her head provides a warbling accompaniment to her impromptu performance.

The result is a small pocket of soothing tranquility in a city whose sanctity has been shattered.]

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Proposal Day is upon us! A day of romance and affection - whether you want to put up with that or not! After the attack, the people of Union are eager to get back to normal life, and the holiday presents the perfect opportunity to at least make the attempt. For couples, it’s a day of dates, romantic outings, and elaborate proposals. For non-couples, well, there’s always single’s night at Teeters, or staying home eating Citadel food and watching TV. You know, whatever.

This is an open mingle post for those looking to celebrate (or try to avoid) Proposal Day festivities. We’ve also provided a few prompts for your convenience!

1. A ring is the most sacred symbol of marriage and a time-honored proposal tradition. As such, jewelers are out in force, offering both rings and other fine jewelry, typically exorbitantly priced, at major discounts, making them slightly less exorbitantly priced! It’s everywhere, are YOU ready to buy a ring for that special someone?
2. The parks, restaurants, and shopping plazas are absolutely full of couples today. With so many people out and about it’s crowded and difficult to get anywhere. Whether you’re partaking in the festivities or just trying to get somewhere, you’ll probably be waiting for a bit. Once you get there though, the decorations are quite festive, as are the many street vendors with delicious smelling food tempting you to try some!
3. The Chansey Cafe is baking up some special Cheer-Up Cupcakes, which are being sold in sets of two. Those who are helping with the relief effort in Union will receive a discount.
4. Street Performers are out in force and music is filling the streets and walkways of Union. Mostly romantic songs, of course, but there are a few counter-culture Street Performers that are playing that new, scandalous “Blues” music everyone’s been talking about.
5. It’s Single’s Night at Teeters! Union’s most notorious dive bar is open to everyone trying to get away from all this Proposal Day nonsense. The beer is overpriced and watered down, the atmosphere is terrible, and it’s full of people who are almost certainly going to do something they’ll regret in the morning! What could possibly go wrong?
6. They’re running a marathon of The Lone Pikachu on TV. Better than nothing?
7. Wildcard! Come up with your own prompt.

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