Feb. 6th, 2016

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[Pamela's warp band flicks on, but it doesn't show her. Instead, one can see her Gabite, Parsley. He's whimpering because he's been hearing an argument between Trainer and Trainer's Parents, and it's upsetting him. He's a fussy soul who likes things just so, and he does not like this conflict. Everyone with a Warp Band can hear the tail end of the argument.]


[Parsley's displeased whine can be heard before a stern male voice.]

I mean it, Pamela. No more gallivanting about. Your uncles are dead and so are your older cousins. That leaves me as the heir to this family and you are my heir.

[Pamela cuts in, just barely keeping the frustration in her voice under control.]

We were attacked here. The best thing I can do for this family is be the strongest Enlightened that I can be so that I can protect everyone.

[It's then that Pamela's mother speaks up, sounding tired.]

Pammy, just stop. Perfect your antivenin with your friend Ami and then we're going to find you a husband so you can continue the Isley line and that's final. Stop arguing about it. Your father and I can't deal with this right now.

[It's then that Pamela notices her warp band is on. She gives her fussy Gabite a pat.]

Well, this definitely isn't how we wanted to announce the news to Union. I'm sorry you all had to see that.

[The feed cuts out a moment later.]

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