Feb. 5th, 2016

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[ The days prior to Kyurem's attack on the city left Sanae out of sorts. While she was no stranger to fending off gods by this point--a thought that was still strange and a bit chilling to her--this was different.

Heatran never made it to Citadel. These attacks never struck so close to home before, figuratively and literally.

There was so much that went wrong during that short amount of time. The theater was in shambles, and there were injured among the staff; innocent people who knew nothing about battle, caught up in the shuffle and hurt due to the Divine Defense Force's oversight. Takuto was hurt, badly, and while he seemed to be healing up just fine, the fact that he sustained his injuries defending her... stung, to say the least.

More than that, she had actions to answer to. Mercy killing was not something that was looked down upon in the Citadel, especially on the battlefield. It was seen as a sign of respect, an act of charity for one suffering to end their life. But Union was different, and yet...

And yet...

During her work restoring the theater, or helping those who were unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire, the young priestess seemed distracted at best. She didn't speak much, and many of her actions were executed purely from muscle memory. She made few mistakes, but even in her daze, she was likely to miss something.

Even around town, fetching supplies, shopping for food--even just getting away--she was almost like a ghost of her usual, chipper self. She paid her respects at the Hikawa shrine often, praying for those lost that day. It still stung. From time to time, she would seek out familiar faces, be they people from Citadel, or those familiar faces from the city that welcomed her and called her one of them. Could she still say she was?

She felt like she could do nothing; and what she did do cast her as an outsider, someone who was not welcome here. She wasn't sure what to do... ]
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[It didn't quite work out, when Rose planned to move in right after she talked to Lenna. It took her a few days, actually; she discovered a few pieces of paperwork she needed to do, especially with the Spearowfeathers stuck in Union for a couple days. So, plans had to be pushed back a little.]

[But, now, the plan has proceeded! Rose only had two bags to bring with her; she has since dropped them off in one of Tycoon manor's rooms, which is now her own. She'll unpack them later. (They include her materials for being leader of the Scattered Bones.)]

[She's back in the living room, stretching as she walks down the stairs.]

All right! [She calls it out, cheerful as can be.] I think that's everything! This is gonna be fun, huh?

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