Feb. 2nd, 2016

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[There was really nothing to be said about the state that Union currently was in. News of the attack the city had endured had reached the surrounding areas quickly and, although Kon had planned on waiting the season out in Caldera before he trekked down the cold passage to Union, waiting wasn't an option any longer for a city in need. His passage with the band of Calderans who had trekked south to help the ruined city had been seamless-- no one questioned his joining in their caravan, and the offers to assist with manual labor and cooking had been much appreciated.

Sure, he didn't have much experienced as a trainer or an organized fighter under his belt, but he knew his way around bartering very well...and he was far from actually useless.

And, just as he had fallen into place with the caravan that he had travelled to Union with, he fell into place with the relief efforts as best as he could. The gangly young man in the floridly bright overcoat and the messy bun was easy to spot in the crowd, but among the sea of new faces milling about his presence could hardly be counted as a surprise. His trusty Litwick was perched on his shoulder, looking out for anyone or anything that looked vaguely familiar from it's long journey...but, in the wreckage, nothing in particular stood out.]

Sheesh, [Kon could be heard grumbling on occasion,] Can't believe the Valkyries actually beat me here.

[Not that it was a problem-- Kon had actually been closer to the city than they were, and they still beat him.

He can be found anywhere that an extra hand is needed, probably bartering his physical skills for a safe place to sleep. There was no place to do anything more as the city currently was, but that was to be expected in the aftermath of a rampaging god. Setting up a regular residence was out of the question for the moment, there was so much to do.

It was a small price to pay for a city that somehow managed to survive such a disaster...and, at least Kon wouldn't have any reason to be bored.]

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