Feb. 1st, 2016

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[For the past few weeks, even shortly before the Elite Four showed up, some citizens of Union may have noticed that a certain Fairy-type hasn't be around the area. Which is both strange and increasingly worrying. After all, he's the type to have gladly wanted to fight alongside the Gods during that horrific battle.

But anyone worrying and wondering about him will soon find their answer, in the emergency broadcast being received not long after the battle ends.]

...to Union... Right to...nion! Come in, guy--zzzsstch!--need some help here in the mountains! Kind of--ssstch!--out of food here...

[Yes, there's Right, in what appears to be a small cave carved into the snow, huddling with his Pignite. While the video feed is not perfect, one could make out the signs of frostbite on both his fingers and on the tips of his wings. That blue tinge on his lips isn't very encouraging, either.]

Anyone can hear me? What happened, every--sssstch!

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