Jan. 16th, 2016

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[ When the warp band flickers to life, the image is held steady, revealing a rather serious-looking young woman with silvery hair and dark blue eyes. Though her shoulders are bare, the rest of her body is clad in plate mail, with feathers shaped to form wings on either side of her face. A bright blue swablu is perched on her left shoulder, still puffy with the fluff of the recently hatched.

Her lips press into a thin line, before she takes a breath to address her viewers.

I am Gwendolyn of the Ragnanival Tribe. I have been sent here to represent them in Union on behalf of the Citadel, and offer our strength in battle if Union would have use of it. It is the least we can offer, after the aid your people gave us.

[she shifts very slightly, looking momentarily uncomfortable] I have also brought a gift on behalf of my tribe, some arms and armor that may be of interest to those among you who are warriors. Our craftsmen are noted for the fine quality of their blades.

I am also told there are other Valkyrie present within the city. I would be grateful if I could be directed to them.

...Thank you for your time.

[with that, there's a polite bow of her head, and the feed ends]
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The day begins with a commotion around the gates of Union. The Guards, who otherwise have been left with little else to do but to clear the paths leading in and outside of the city’s walls of snow and ice, gather en masse as a small party of strangely dressed individuals congregate there. Standing at the head of the crowd is a young woman, her two-toned hair and odd clothing a stark contrast from the norm around Union, holds herself confidently, a jovial smile on her face.

“Like I said,” She began, her voice surprisingly peppy, bouncing slightly on her heels, “We want to speak with your leader. It’s very important, and we've come such a long way.”

It’s an unusual scene to say the least, and as people pass by, they may catch the young woman’s eye, getting a pleasant smile and a chipper wave before she redirects her attention to whoever she happens to be talking to. Passers-by are urged to keep moving, nothing to see here, and after a very long, very circuitous series of conversations, the newcomers are given a personal escort.

The rest of the day passes without incident, until the evening, when all Warp Bands come to life. Standing in the frame is a young woman, no older than 18 or 19, her black-and-white hair tied up to one side with looks to be a crystal of pure ice. She smiles, practically beaming, leaning in toward her audience.

“Hello, people of Union! My new friend tells me that all of you should be able to hear and see me. What a convenient thing, haha. In any case, my name is Sveta, and I come representing a group of individuals calling themselves the Elite Four. I must say, actually seeing this city, I’m impressed! The stories don’t do this place justice. I hope to be able to meet more of the Gods’ chosen for myself while I’m visiting!”

Humming a bit to herself, she sits down, crossing her legs. “We believe that fate has brought us together. We heard that there were other civilizations out there, but never did we imagine that there would be people with the same aspirations as us! But I should explain. You see, the Elite Four, seek to understand our past, and be able to atone for the wrongdoings that our ancestors have committed. So you can imagine how excited we were when we heard about Union. I had to rush over.

“I promise that we won’t take up too much of your time or space, but I want to get to know you, the people of Union, better! I believe that we can all come together and create a better world. Your council has been kind enough to give us temporary lodging here within the city. I hope that we will be able to get along! Okay, how do I turn this of--”

And with that, the impromptu feed ends, the cheery young woman’s face fading away before another quick message takes over the airwaves. But worry not, citizens of Union. Over the next few days, the young woman from a strange new land will be wandering the streets of your city, observing, talking to others, and generally doing her best to not make a nuisance of herself. It’s hard to say how successful she’ll be at that last part.

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