Jan. 14th, 2016


Jan. 14th, 2016 11:05 am
flying_chains: (Friendship!)
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[A few days ago, Morgiana had gone on a trip to the South. Today, she came back with a new friend.

Rather than arriving at the docks by steamship, Morgiana landed there on the back of a Tropius. Said Tropius is standing behind her, though looming might be a better word. It stares into the camera over her shoulder with an inscrutable look on its face and (possibly) just the hint of a knowing smile. This is a Tropius that knows things.

Or at least it believes it does.]

I have now officially joined the rangers. Union has made itself my home and asked for little in return, but I feel like I have to give back even so.

I suppose this means I will be in town a little less often, but that is unavoidable. To be honest, I have been feeling a bit too settled lately. Regular exploring will do me good.

[The Tropius nudges her, causing her to stumble a step. It was a big one, and Morgiana is small.]

Oh yes, also I have a new...I suppose she would be a co-worker.

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