Jan. 8th, 2016

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[Action: Verdant Forest]

[It's still very chilly for day trips into the forests outside the city, but even with the wintry weather Raine tries to make an effort to step outside of the walls to gain more of an understanding of the surrounding area and allow her Pokemon to do so as well. It's another form of studying, this wandering practice, considering how much time she ends up spending in the library, especially now with working there as well.

Today's trip, however, features both the Oddish and the Eevee as her companions, the pair that came with her from Sanctuary. Both are wearing little knitted scarves, and the jittery Oddish is huddled up in a small blanket on the ground, while the Eevee paces the general area, curious but cautious.]

See? It's not so bad out here. You two barely get out enough as it is... and this area seems quiet enough.

[For now, anyway. If those two don't get startled.

Of course, if anyone needs to reach her, they can through the warp band.]

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